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Good Morning Bedlam

Who We Are

Good Morning Bedlam is a band from Minneapolis MN. Although classified as a folk band, Good Morning Bedlam’s music is influenced by many different genres, including rock, bluegrass, metal, and jazz and Traditional Gypsy music. 

They are four artists who are deeply passionate about both music and performance. Good Morning Bedlam's simple vision is to tell stories, and the best way they can tell those stories is through their songs.  When Good Morning Bedlam  plays a show they want the audience to be singing, dancing, laughing, and experiencing the emotions in the music itself. Their songs are stories, and stories bring people together.

The Band

Isaak Gill

Isaak Gill is the is the musical figurehead of Good Morning Bedlam. Growing up playing in metal bands, Isaak tries to combine that genre's wild energy with the accessibility of folk music. He uses his guitar to accompany, not only his own earthy voice, but the various instruments around him using his own combination of flat picking, finger picking, finger style, or a combination of the three. Isaak's spirit animal is a fox, he loves a strong coffee, swing dancing, and slaying the internal beast known as angst. 

Sophia Mae

Sophia Mae is the free spirited song bird of Good Morning Bedlam. Her home nest is in Rochester, MN. Influenced by famous jazz singers such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday, this vocal powerhouse brings a dynamic warmth to Isaak's earthy tones. In addition to her voice, Sophia has fourteen years of classically based (Suzuki Method) violin under her belt which she uses to bring the precision of classical, improv of jazz, and the energy of bluegrass fiddle into her music. Using her violin abilities, she has added the mandolin to her repertoire. Some influences she has are Itzhak Perlman, Louis Armstrong, The Avett Brothers, and Elvis Presly. Sophia also enjoys telling puny jokes, and making dinosaur noises.                                                    

Noah Pearson

Noah Pearson, born and raised in Minnesota, adds a bluegrass-y twist to Good Morning Bedlam's diverse sound. After being seduced by the banjo's unique twang, he taught himself  how to play. He uses Earl Scruggs' three-finger picking style to create both bluegrass and melodic licks. His playing is deeply influenced by the stylings of musicians like Earl Scruggs, Noam Pikelny of Punch Brothers, Béla Fleck, and Scott Avett of the Avett Brothers. When he's not pickin' and grinnin', he's either strumming the mandolin or playing percussion. When he is not up on the stage, he loves going to concerts around Minneapolis and recording his own music.

Victoria Elker

If you are looking for a groovy lady who loves to pluck up and down the double bass look no further. Tori is the newest addition to Good Morning Bedlam. inspired by vocalists such as Amy Winehouse and Adele, Her wild soaring vocals are in stark contrast to Isaak and Sophia's voices. Her precision vocals will blow you away as she thumps that upright bass. She is also an amazing makeup artist, and studied at the the University of Minnesota's acting program through the esteemed Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, MN. She has silliness that is infectious, and you will always find her smiling and offering an encouraging word. 

Our new album Prodigal is available now on iTunes!